The Author

Extracted from the book’s Foreword by Peter Middleton:
Joe’s interest and passion for the natural world began in Nova Scotia where he was born in 1943.He remembers walks with his mother, who enjoyed the outdoors. She introduced Joe to the world of nature and encouraged his interest and sense of curiosity. At university Joe studied Biology, Botany in particular. He honed his observation skills and became proficient in plant taxonomy and identification. He also developed the discipline of carefully recording observations. He received his Bachelor of Science at Acadia University, majoring in Biology and was awarded a medal for scholastic excellence, receiving the highest marks in the graduating Biology class. By the end of university, Joe had formalized his interest in the outdoors – a sense of intense curiosity melded with scientific methodology. Joe is not just a talented naturalist and observer, he is also a trained and skilled professional field botanist. Together, the disciplines provide Joe with a holistic image of plants and an almost innate ability to identify them, when encountered in the field.
Joe came to the Bruce Peninsula and moved to Wiarton in August 1971, following a three month contract with the Long Point Bird Observatory. While at Long Point, reference to the Bruce and its botanical riches had piqued his interest.  For the next four decades he would immerse himself in exploring the peninsula and its remarkable landscapes, both as an ardent naturalist and as a contract field botanist doing contract work for a number of agencies. He has explored the Bruce Peninsula as extensively as anyone I know, walking much of its length and breadth both as a naturalist and as a professional botanist. His intimate knowledge of the peninsula and its plants is based on direct field experiences.



The Book!

Books are available by emailing The books are now also at the “Ginger Press” in Owen Sound, at “Great Books and Cafe” in Williamsford, the “Visitors Centre” at McGregor Provincial Park, “The Berford St Bookstore” in Wiarton, “Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy” 503 Davenport Rd in Toronto “Reader’s Haven Book Store” in Tobermory and Millenia Books in Hanover.
P V Krotkov spent four summers on the Bruce Peninsula (1933-36) based successively at Tobermory, Stokes Bay, Lion’s Head and Dyer’s Bay. Based on these four summers in the field he prepared the first annotated list of the Bruce’s vascular plants.
Joe Johnson has spent more than 40 years living and botanizing on the Bruce and this book brings Krotkov’s annotated list up to date. Anton Reznicek’s review on the back cover points out that the book is much much more than just a list and will be a valuable resource to anyone interested in the plants of the Bruce Peninsula.
Joe is both the author and the publisher of this 297 page “work”. It will be available for sale in the first part of May. The price of the book has not been firmly set but is expected to be no more than $30 per copy.
Joe would like to thank Michele, Marg and Carolyn at W. D. Keeling Printers Ltd. of Owen Sound, ( for their patience and advice in working with a couple of newbies to the publishing world.
Joe can be contacted
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What’s the latest?

In this post I will try to keep everyone updated on what is happening.
July 9. Joe has now returned to Karsdale, Nova Scotia, to his childhood home.
June 4. Joe will be at the Ontario Nature AGM in Red Bay (afternoon).
June 3. Joe will be at Orchid Festivalin Tobermory.
June 1. The books are now also available at “Great Books and Cafe” in Williamsford and “Reader’s Haven Book Store” in Tobermory.
The book is being sold on Amazon as well. The price there is $39 plus $6.49 shipping ($45.49 total), $17.49 more than it could be bought for at “Joe’s” door. But here’s the kicker! Joe gets $37.91 from Amazon but shipping costs him on average about $13.00 which leaves Joe with about $25.
Would it not make sense to organize book runs to Owen Sound (where I live and I have Joe’s books) for the betterment of all? I am looking after Joe’s Amazon account and right now I have two orders from Toronto. If even just these two people got together, a trip to Owen Sound would be subsidized by $35 and Joe would be ahead of the game as well. Please contact Joe with suggestions. Creating a book is one thing, putting it out there in a fair and just manner is something else.
May 14. The books are available at the Ginger Press in Owen Sound at $28 retail. You should not incur shipping costs and Amazon fees if you can avoid it. The book has been out for less than a week and I am still working out the best way to make it available.
May 13. Don’t forget the book signing in Wiarton this Sunday (2-4) at the Library.
May 12. Received books May 9. Right now selling books $22 wholesale/$28 retail FOB Owen Sound. Sold a book on Amazon today for $28 but with all the charges lost money on it (Amazon fees, packaging $2.00, postage of $11.82 vs the 6.49 charged to the customer.) So had to raise the price to $39.00 til I figure out what is going on.
May 8.  Excitement is building!  Expecting to pick up the book from the printer tomorrow.
May 3. The introductory price of the book was set today at $28 retail and $22 wholesale.
May 1.  There will be a book signing at the Wiarton Library from 2:00 til 4:00 on May 15th
April 18.  Today,  Joe Johnson and W. D. Keeling Printers Limited, Owen Sound ON entered into a contract to print his recently completed book, The Vascular Plants of the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.  The book will be coming from the printer in approximately three weeks.  Joe would like to thank the W. D. Keeling team for their courteous and efficient service.IMG_5135
From the left, Michele Fritzsch, Joe Johnson, Marg Sharpe and Carolyn McCallum
April 14. Joe has now approved a low res copy of the book and in a few days will get the proof copy for approval. The expected delivery date for the book is the first part of May.
April 14. Joe’s book is now listed on I am trying to get a preorder status applied so that people may may order now and have it delivered on the release date. Tentative sales price will be $30 plus HST, plus shipping I presume. (I now understand that preordering is not possible. Oh well!)
April 14. The formal book launch is expected to be in Wiarton with other venues in the works (perhaps May 15th). I expect that since Joe is the publisher that any books bought directly from him will not attract HST.
April 14. The ROM, RBG, Bruce Trail, Toronto Field Naturalists to name just a few of the more well known organizations have been contacted and are on board.
April 14. I will be updating and providing information and posters to help promote the book as time goes on. Any assistance in this rollout (and many have already stepped up) would be greatly appreciated.